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Staying Connected while Socially Distancing

These are challenging times. In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 has created a new level of uncertainty, pushing our world into an unprecedented crisis mode.

For many of us, the sense of “overwhelm”, “confusion”, “anxiety”, “worry” and “fear” is part of our day to day experience. Our routines are shaken up. Our bodies are reacting to the confusion and we are still not sure what’s going to happen next.

As two relationship therapists, Stephanie Lindsay and Lidia Smirnov are both aware of just how crucial it is right now for us to care for and tend to our emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and relational health. Reaching out has never been more important. Social distancing does not mean social isolation. A lack of physical interaction does not mean we can’t find creative alternatives to stay connected.

Therefore, we would like to offer an opportunity to gather together online to share our experiences in a group setting so we feel less alone and less isolated. Our hope is to offer a Zoom meeting catering to both couples and individuals separately.

Our aim is to create an environment of coming together with others during this time, a place of connection, sharing and support through conversations, reflections and discussions, so we feel less alone in our struggles. Bearing witness to others’ experience during times of difficulties really helps us to have a sense of ‘common humanity’ and by that we mean that you are not alone in all of these new and challenging circumstances. We hope that togetherwe can share ideas and challenges, stay connected and support each other.

Stephanie and Lidia will endeavour to provide a safe online platform where group process can take place. The only thing we ask of you is your willingness to show up with curiosity and openness to your own experience as well as the experience of fellow participants. To ensure safety and build trust, we would also encourage the attitude of kindness, compassion, fairness and sensitivity in the way you engage with the group.

Please keep in mind, Stephanie and Lidia will not be engaging in any in-depth therapy during these group sessions as they are purely set up to offer a place of meeting, sharing and learning.

We understand that things might unravel for you during these group discussions, and we are willing to offer additional support in a form of a 30minute consult at a discounted rate of $50. This can be set up via our websites as listed below.


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