Intensive Couple Therapy


Intensive Couple Therapy is becoming increasingly popular and highly effective for couples experiencing significant relationship distress.

Whilst this can be an emotionally taxing process for couples, the age-old adage of ‘no pain no gain’ truly resonates with this way of working, and the effort required is outweighed by the benefits. This approach to couples therapy has been shown to reduce distress for couples, help to resolve specific conflicts, and increase romance, closeness and intimacy, leading to a stronger more resilient, and more satisfying relationship. This form of relationship therapy is beneficial for all couples regardless of sexual orientation and marriage status.

The therapy is run as an intensive two days over the weekend in my Sydney CBD practice. The days will be broken down into four 90 minutes sessions and will follow the couples retreat program designed by Drs John and Julie Gottman. Due to the intensity of this process, there will be regular breaks throughout the day to help focus on the individual needs of both partners as they support one another in moving forward. The Gottmans have spent over forty years studying many couples, their research has revealed the secrets behind why some relationships grow and flourish while others are fated to crash and burn. They developed a focused and rewarding way to give relationships a boost of energy through their intensive format, focused couples retreat approach, which can be tailored to fit you and your specific relationship issues throughout your couples counselling.

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During the two days, you will learn how to:

  • Invigorate your friendship, moving on from past hurts through couples counseling
  • Communicate clearly, engaging in constructive conversations
  • Learn your attachment style and how that is played out in your relationship and how it can lead to continual disharmony and lack of closeness and intimacy
  • Break relationship habits formed through your attachment styles to change how you relate to each other
  • Deepen your connection and increase intimacy and help you better understand your partner, re-establishing your emotional connection
  • Discover what hopes are hidden within your inevitable relationship conflicts
  • Learn to manage conflict and repair your relationship when there has been an argument as part of conflict management
  • Couples counselling to re-set your common values and shared purpose
  • Set your own goals and your goals for your relationship, and what you hope the future to be
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Fees and cancellations

$4150 – to be paid in full when booking your intensive therapy.

I know life gets busy but due to the significant amount of time I will need to allocate to your intensive session there is a two-week cancellation policy in place. It is crucial to stick to the available dates to avoid delays in therapy and healing.

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Who is Suitable

  • Couples who are experiencing significant relationship distress.
  • Couples who want a condensed and highly focused approach to specific issues.
  • Couples who want to jump-start longer term couples therapy by commencing with an in-depth assessment, treatment planning, conflict de-escalation and relationship stabilisation.
  • Couples coming from other states, or who are located outside of Sydney and are not able to easily travel to sessions regularly over a longer period and are looking to make a short term commitment to therapy sessions.

Who may not Suitable

  • Couples where there is ongoing domestic violence.
  • If one, or both people has an active drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Where one, or both have serious untreated mental health issues.
  • If there is an undisclosed affair or an ongoing affair that the partner is not willing to cease even though the other partner is aware.
  • If either partner is experiencing suicidal, homicidal or serious self-harming thoughts.


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