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About Us

“Transformative Marriage Counselling & Couple Therapy in Sydney CBD”

Anais Nin

More than 10 years ago, with a successful career in Human Resources and pregnant with my second son, I faced a life-threatening illness. That experience prompted me to overcome my fears and create a more meaningful life for myself and my family. For me, that meant returning to full-time study in Psychotherapy, to re-train in an area I am passionate about, and where I can help others create lasting positive change in their lives and their relationships.

Since then I have gone on to work in various areas of clinical practice, ultimately setting up my own private practice in Sydney CBD, specialising in Body Centred Psychotherapy and Couple / Relationship / Marriage Therapy.
I enjoy helping people work through the difficulty and pain in their relationship in order to regain their love and connection with their life partners.

I take a respectful and unbiased approach and sees each client as their own subject-matter experts. I guide and facilitate my clients towards finding the solutions that fit best for them. I provide practical take-home tools to assist each person in their daily lives. In therapy I work hard to create a space in which each person feels secure so that they can safely explore and understand the dynamics that are at play in their lives. I will help identify each person’s individual strengths so that they can draw on them to explore the difficulties they are experiencing and find constructive solutions.

I have extensive training in a variety of approaches and techniques. The foundations of my couples work rests on two evidence-based methodologies: The Gottman method and Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT). The Gottman Method was pioneered by globally recognised relationship experts Drs John and Julie Gottman. This approach focuses on giving structure, understanding and practical research-based interventions to couple’s difficulties. It allows couples to become better friends and supporters for each other and teaches ways to effectively manage conflict. Stan Tatkin’s PACT uses cutting edge techniques, incorporating neuroscience, biology and theories of attachment to help couples work through the real issues in their relationship in a safe and guided environment. The method that most inform my individual work is Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. Hakomi is a gentle, respectful, mindfulness-based approach to working with early attachment wounds and help to change ingrained life patterns.

My approach is about creating lasting positive change, rather than looking for a quick fix. I am committed to providing a safe, open, curious and loving space in order for you to explore what is keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns and feelings.


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